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Police Officer     Attorney     Military Officer     Scholar

With a Bachelor’s in Crime and Delinquency Studies, Von started full-time policing in Topeka, KS.  After several years, he began training police, focusing on domestic violence response, communications, de-escalation, and the ethical use of force. 

Having trained in martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, Judo, Aikido, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), Von was selected to lead the department's defense tactics team. He was certified as an instructor trainer through the National Law Enforcement Training Center and ultimately earned recognition as a use of force expert, consulting agencies, officers, and federal litigators.


Von earned a Master’s in Criminal Justice Administration while simultaneously earning his Juris Doctorate (law degree). After 9/11, Von decided to leave full-time policing to serve as an active-duty military attorney.    


As an attorney, Von trained thousands of police and criminal investigators in the legal aspects of constitutional policing.  He worked as a prosecutor and police legal advisor, during which he litigated criminal cases, conducted administrative and criminal case reviews, and consulted on policy development.  Von advised police, federal agents, and commanders in highly-sensitive criminal and administrative investigations.


As a military prosecutor and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, Von led legal teams in federal and military courts.  As a Military Magistrate, he presided over preliminary hearings, criminal hearings, and search warrant applications.  Von graduated from the Police Legal Advisor Training Program (FLETC), the Army's Complex Litigation Course, the Advanced Sexual Assault Investigation and Prosecution Course, and the 18-week Force Science Advanced Specialist Program.


Von was a certified communications instructor under the late Dr. George Thompson, internationally renowned police communication and persuasion expert.  Von has trained hundreds of students in crisis communication.  He is a certified instructor through two of the top national de-escalation training programs--Vistelar's Verbal Defense and Influence Course and the Force Science Institute's Realistic De-Escalation Instructor Course


Von is trained to conduct Child Forensic Interviews, Cognitive Interviews, and Trauma-informed Interviewing.  He has interviewed thousands of combined victims, witnesses, and suspects, with extensive experience interviewing victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault.


As an International and Operational Law Attorney (Army Staff, Pentagon), Von focused on use of force at the national and international policy levels. As a Domestic Operational Law Attorney, he supported the Army’s top lawyers during national emergencies and helped draft Department of Defense and Army Use of Force policies.


Continuing his education, Von earned a post-doctorate degree (LL.M.) in Military Law, with a criminal law specialty.  He attended the prestigious U.S. Army, Command and General Staff Officer’s Resident Course and the Advanced Operations Resident Course.  There, he completed research and scholarly writing that helped prepare military leaders to recognize and effectively respond to family violence.    


Von’s final military assignment was with the U.S. Army, Criminal Investigations Command (CID), where he conducted sensitive and classified case reviews, provided operational legal advice to Special Agents, and authored several articles in support of CID policy revisions.  Von maintained his use of force legal expertise as he developed and delivered training to the Protective Services Battalion's agents and leaders, the U.S. Army’s premier protection agency.

Following his military retirement, Von joined the Force Science Institute as Executive Editor of the Force Science News and Director of Community Relations, where he regularly engages with media, police agencies, and civic leaders.


As a senior policy attorney at Lexipol, the nation's largest and most influential public safety policy provider, Von identifies and reviews legislative, judicial, and best practice development in the areas of public safety, policing, risk management, and civil rights.

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