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How to Defend American Policing

American Police are master persuaders! They inspire cooperation a thousand times for every one time they use, or even threaten to use, force. Even now, officers reading this will remember the countless times they could have used force, even lethal force, but instead waited, assessed, talked, and ultimately saved suspects from the consequences of their bad decisions.

Yes, American Police are master persuaders. They don’t argue with drunks. They don’t have logical “head conversations” during emotional “heart moments.” They listen, empathize, and provide personalized options. They think for others as they might think for themselves under calmer, more informed, and simply better circumstances.[i]

Defending American Police from anti-police agitators, biased interest groups, and outraged Social Justice Warriors requires the same master persuasion.

By definition, community outrage is an emotional event. Even among the most educated and patriotic of Americans, outrage can be a sincere reaction to the misleading, sensationalized, and politically distorted accounts of police conduct. Amidst this outrage, persuasion doesn't start with facts.

Then how do we persuade the anti-police audience, who have attached their votes, protests, and very identity to beliefs we know are false? This article provides some of the most effective persuasion strategies needed to transform even the most ardent of police critics. It details the strategic timing of facts, allowing readers to confidently engage community groups, family members, and even political activists in defense of American Policing.

Read the full article here!

[I] Paraphrased from the teachings of the late Dr. George Thompson, a world-renowned police communications trainer.

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