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Police Leadership for 2021

"As professionals, we have a mandate to pursue constant and never-ending improvement. As we address use of force issues in 2021, police practices, policies and training must be evidence-based. Police leaders should support the rapid funding, development, testing and implementation of evidence-based policing solutions and reject training and reform proposals that ignore the complexity, uncertainty and dangers of public safety.

In 2021, it will continue to be difficult to distinguish sincere efforts to improve policing from malevolent attempts to reform, defund and dismantle the police. Evidence-based policing starts by questioning whether alleged police deficiencies are responsible for the disparities they are aimed to resolve.

Police leaders are encouraged to resist the temptation to blindly implement solutions that have not been validated to solve problems that may not exist."

Von Kliem

Police1, 21 on 2021: A police leadership playbook

Strategies for success in 21 key areas of policing

Download • 1.03MB

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